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Month: September 2018

Clouds – 6th Moon day – we listen to the voice of Universe

Clouds – 6th Moon day – we listen to the voice of Universe

clouds in the sky

I pay attention to the world and its signs and it lead me to happiness!

This is the day when we listen to the voice of Universe and the God’s will. We follow the calling of powers of high and are filled with silence in order not to lose a moment when the destiny brings us to happiness, joy and love. We listen to everything that doesn’t depend on us – a wind blow, a jingle of a bell, music or silence. We listen to the world! On this day you should be attentive to the signs of the world – to everything you see and hear. It’s a good sign to see clouds on this day as a symbol of the world’s harmony. If the sky is fully covered with clouds it’s a sign which says that the world’s harmony is broken.

Today your intuition grows stronger and you are able to understand things which were not clear for you before. This day is full of love, forgiveness, prophecy, mental and verbal work for opening the Universe’ signs.

Fill in your room with odors; listen to silence and music of the wind. Do your routine but stay involved into cosmic rhythms. On this day we learn to take everything that happens with wisdom and submission without showing dissatisfaction. It’s the day of getting balance in life. Take everything as it is, don’t look for something else.

It’s important on this day to spend time in contemplation and inner calmness even if you stay active outwardly.

Don’t complain about your life, situations or close people this day.

«Breaking Up the Clouds» Practice

by Larisa Renar

According to ancient thought the sky is covered with clouds when the world or a person’s soul loses harmony. While breaking up the clouds a person establishes connection with himself.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Cross the wrists of your hands with your palms looking inside a little lower than your navel is. Women put their left hand on the right one, men- vice versa. Bent your knees and look straight before yourself, breathe deeply. Stay still and collect the energy. Unbend your knees and put your hands up with wide flap up to sides. In the upper position stick your hands into the middle of clouds. Fist your hands and take the energy. Turn your palms and put them together by outer sides, connecting your inner energy with the power of clouds. Put your hands aside intensively and then down, bringing the energy flows by them. Return to initial pose. Perform the practice once at a time.

This practice helps to join the word energy flows and stay in harmony with them.

Clouds Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Clouds symbolize a prompting of skies, elusiveness or lofty feeling. For example, angels are often drawn standing on a cloud or a God’s hand is seen among the clouds. Clouds are the signs that the Universe gives us and we should read them.

We are lying and looking up to clouds. They are writing the signs of our destiny on the sky. A flying high cloud is enlightened with sunlight – these are the creative ideas born in our soul that we can realize. A cloud in a form of shield and with steel shadow symbolizes smth we should be afraid of, look where it goes to. A dark cloud is a thunderstorm met on our life way. And elusive lacy spindrift clouds are our hopes. The pictures seen during this short meditation tell you what signs you can meet today and will help you to understand them. Take the clouds of your sky with gratitude, calmness and readiness to follow the signs of your fortune.

Family Tree – 4th Moon day – choice between the good and the evil

Family Tree – 4th Moon day – choice between the good and the evil

family tree

I trust my soul to choose the good and light, creation and love!

This is the day of getting united with your family. A tree symbolizes a person himself, whose roots are connected with his forefathers that give him power, and a top aspiring to new heights and comprehension of higher sense. We recall different events which happened to us and think over the main lessons we got from those events. We thank the world for the lessons given and an opportunity not to repeat our mistakes. We ask our guardian angel to help us to choose the right way.

This is the day of switching on the powers of the good and the evil. Today we should make our deliberate choice between the good and the evil and the world checks us, giving provocative situations. Before doing or saying anything or making a decision on this day, read a prayer of «Intercession of the Mother of God», asking her for support: «Virgin Mother of God, rejoice, Mary full of grace; the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, for thou hast borne the Savior of our souls». Or read a mantra «Om Mani Padme Hum».

This day is good for being all by yourself, performing some passive routine, communications with close people. Streams of different energies are raging and you should be very attentive and sensitive when making any decision today.

It’s important on this day to communicate with close people; positive thinking and belief in success. A meditation is desirable.

On this day one better not participate in collective work.

«Joining the Family Power» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Our parents and forefathers give us life powers like roots feed a tree with life juice.

Stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Put your hands together behind your back, palms looking backwards like wings. For women: put your left hand into the right one, for men it’s vice versa. Make a full breath with your nose.

Bent your head to the left shoulder, taking energy from the past, bent your head to the right shoulder connecting it with the energy of the future. Make a breath and an exhalation. Bent your head to the right shoulder, taking energy from the future, bent your head to the left shoulder connecting it with the energy of the past. Make a breath and an exhalation.

Put your head backwards and look up into the sky. Make a breath. Put your head forwards and look down to Earth. Make an exhalation. Now make nine circular movements with your head on the Sun course absorbing the family power. Breathe as you like. Now make nine circular movements with your head against the Sun course giving the family power to next generations. Breathe as you like as well. Return to initial pose. Repeat the practice four times.

This practice lets us join the energy, power and potential of all our clan, our forefathers and descendants.

«Family Tree» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Tree is a symbol of growth and support, longing upside and rooting into earth. Besides, a tree symbolizes birth, dead and revival – symbolizing life and contribution of mankind. The tree of life has often become a metaphor for creating the world. According to many cultural traditions it grows on a sacred mountain or in paradise. The flow of spiritual energy runs out from under its roots.

We are coming to our family tree and rest our back upon it. We are putting our palms on it and touching it with the back of the head. Our feet are touching the roots of the family tree and we feel the power and energy of our clan go up along its roots from the earth. Juices of life are getting into us from the tree, filling us up with power and with our inner sight we see the moments when women from our clan were really happy.

But there are also pictures that we should make lessons from. These dark juices are going into us as well in order we don’t repeat mistakes of the past. We feel unevenness and twists of cortex with our palms – they are the destiny lines of our clan, our family wisdom, our present time. Look up to the sunlight seen through the leaves. Every leaf of the tree is our descendants, our future. We absorb everything our clan gives us.

Leopard – 3rd Moon day – day of aggression

Leopard – 3rd Moon day – day of aggression


I put all my power and passion to achieve my dream. My dream comes true!

It’s the day of aggression. So, passion and your active position in achieving wishes reveal themselves today. We feel the strength of our will and an ability to jump into the future and to achieve any aim, just like leopard, which symbolizes possess and full power concentration does. Make the first step to fulfill the ideas – the most important is to start actions. This can be something very simple: just a telephone call, a meeting, signing an agreement, buying some goods needed.

On this Moon day your activity, even if excessive, is good for you, while your passive position destroys you and your life. All passive people are weak today. The inner physical energy is so strong today that it’s enough for self-protection as well as for completing all the deals. Don’t be afraid of keeping your position and saying NO on this day, transform your negative emotions and your anger into power. Fulfill the complex of exercises, go to sauna, make manicure – don’t keep your energy inside and turn it to creation (mind that your deals should be peaceful). Complete the routine and simple tasks.

It’s important on this Moon day to show your will and keep your position, but at the same time to keep inner concentration and calm.

One shouldn’t jealous and show proud today.

«NO!» Practice

by Larisa Renar

«No» is like a compressed spring. If you always restrain a desire to stand for your point of view on the questions you consider to be inadmissible or to show your feelings, negative emotions start destroying you from within making a victim of you. It’s not always possible to argue with real people but you always can express everything that tortures you when you’re alone.

Stand on your knees in front of two pillows, hands together on your knees. Put straight hands in a lock, move them up and backwards. Make a breath and on an exhalation strike pillows with your hands as strongly as you can and rap out «NO!!!»

During next three minutes strike pillows with your hands as strongly as you can, each time moving your hands backwards above your head as far as possible. Let all the emotions leave you and transform into power. During the next three minutes you just sit down silently in an initial pose and follow your inner processes.

The «NO!» practice helps to build inner firmness and transform negative emotions into power.

Leopard Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Leopard symbolizes anger, aggression and fearlessness. Leopard is warlike and brave, impetuous and cunning. In its character is to hunt actively for a victim no matter what the latter is. Points on the light leopard’s fur are often compared with the eyes of nature gods looking at us.

We are going to transform into a leopard and become as brave and resolute in reaching aims as it is. We are hunting out for everything we need and are not going to return without a prey. Today we roar, stand for our opinion and reach our aim like experienced predators. Depict your aim like a prey that you’ve been looking for and watching out for a long time. And now you see it. The blood gets boiled, your muscles are tightened, and mind is cold. You feel the power of a real wild animal ready to jump play in you.

Jump, another one and the next one!.. Your plans are starting to come true from this day and you’re persistent like leopard, gracious and dangerous like a panther. You act and get what you want.

Horn of plenty – 2nd Moon day – day of filling up

Horn of plenty – 2nd Moon day – day of filling up

Deeply with my soul I accept everything that the World gives me!

It is the day of filling up. On this day you should gather energy and knowledge to make your wishes come true. We attract everything we need to realize once thought. We call up the fountains of wisdom, look for an inspiration, absorb nature’s energy and ask each of the four elements to reveal its secrets, thinking of the Horn of plenty as the symbol of this day. Gather information; think over the strategy of aim achieving, start making energetic practices or the complex of exercises.

Listen to your own feeling while communicating with different people. If your feel sickness, most likely this person is dangerous for you. On this day one can understand what is pleasant for him and what is not in all the spheres of life. We fill ourselves up only with true values and most sacred wishes. These are things which give us true pleasure.

Anger and irritation take our energy away and today we need it all to fill the power of the sail of our dream with the wind. Be generous, make presents, get rid of the things you don’t need any more. Then the World will give you much more in return. We give things away generously and without any regret, revealing our generosity to the World and accepting its generosity in return.

It’s important on this day to be generous.

On this day one should not be angry and irritable or conflict with others.

«Switching on the Rhythm of Pleasure» Practice

by Larisa Renar

When a person enjoys every moment of his life – his work, relationship and the world around, he gets into the abundance stream of Universe.

Stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Put a little finger and a thumb of your left hand together and bring them to the dimple under your nose. It’s a point of pre-memory, a point of our aim. Make a breath, and on an exhalation turn left and say aloud «ONE», taking energy from the past and asking permission for getting pleasure. Return to initial pose.

Now put together a little finger and a thumb of your right hand and bring them to the point of pre-memory as well. Turn right and say «ONE» on an exhalation, taking energy from the future and asking permission for getting pleasure.

Now bring your right and left little fingers and thumbs to the point of pre-memory, look forward, into your present time and say «ONE», taking energy from the present. On an exhalation raise your hands up over your head, put the fingers of both hands together, creating a Horn of Plenty and imagine in details everything that you want to bring to your life – all the presents and gifts.

Stroke your hands along your head, enjoying the abundance of the world and imagine that the world showers you with diamonds, gifts and money.

The practice is made once at a time. The practice lets you permit yourself to enjoy life and to get into eternal rhythm of prosperity.

«Horn of plenty» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Horn of plenty

Horn of plenty is a symbol of the world giving its presents to us. It symbolizes fertility, both male (horn is a phallic symbol) and female one (empty horn is a symbol of female stark). It’s an attribute of Gods that patronizing plant’s reproduction and wine-making, as well as the goddess of destiny and god-mothers Fortuna, Ceres and Althaeas.

We are standing under an endless cupola of sky on enormous fertile earth in hot bright sunlight; a roar of powerful ocean is heard from somewhere. The universe is opening its sources to us. We are handing horn of plenty. We can be filled up with everything needed – hot energy of passion and creation, tender drips and ambient flow of love, persistent power and confidence of comfort, with height and inaccessibility of self-sufficiency.

We are getting everything we need to make our dream come true from the horn of plenty – wealth and powers, abilities and meetings, beauty and pleasure. But the horn of plenty is inexhaustible and we sharing its gifts with close people. We make presents and pleasant surprises to make the life of every person close to us a little happier and wealthier. And the more we give the more we got from the world.

The Lamp – New Moon – dreaming and planning for the month

The Lamp – New Moon – dreaming and planning for the month

The Universe helps me with my plans!


Moon is called the lamp of night. And every lamp symbolizes life, wisdom, eternal life, intellect, pointing out the way. Its light is our kind deeds and plans, defeating the darkness of chaos and showing everything hidden before.

New Moon – a day for cleansing when we start to create our own reality while dreaming and planning for the month. So we clear ourselves of everything old, dead clichés and old behavior models, get free of abuses for the world, the kin and our parents. We get rid of the items carrying the energy of previous relations, like presents given by ex-lovers or husbands. If it’s hard for you to drop the goods, they could be easily cleaned in salted water in order to cut invisible energetic threads tying us with the past.

Sometimes problems chase us on this day, revealing our weak points, like a light which enlightens the dangers and wrong places to go, showing things which are to be dropped. The most important on this day is to realize the Worlds lessons and to find decisions in order not to repeat the same mistakes. At the same time it is a day when we can create our new reality.

Write down everything you dream about in accordance with 12 parts of your life (12 Moon life aspects from «Women Time» calendar) and looking at the candle light imagine that everything is already achieved. The more realistic we imagine the wishes, the more details we attach to the picture and the more positive we become of the imagining aim achieved, the more possibilities to realize it are there. In addition, say: «the thought is written down, the written is realized.»

It’s important to write down the monthly plans today.

One shouldn’t start new deals on this Moon day.

«Dismissing grudges against the World» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Grudges against the world mean our dissatisfaction with our motherland, a family in which we were born, an epoch we live in, and everything we cannot change. These grudges take away our energy, health and joy.

Stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. At exhalation raise your hands in front of you to the chest line. Your fists are tight, thumbs up, as if you show to the World: I’m fine! On an exhalation turn over your fists so that your thumbs look down and position them at the stomach level, recalling your grudges against the world.

Make a deep breath while raising your grudges upwards along the center of your body, along the so-called life road. When your palms reach the top of your head make a sharp exhalation raping out «Ho!» and throwing your hands upwards – to throw out your grudges. Then put your thumbs up again declaring that you deserve the best and thanking the world for its generosity.

Now smile and «tie» your wide smile at the back of your head to save it for the rest of the day. This practice is made once at a time.

The aim of this practice is to dismiss one’s grudges against the world.

The Lamp Meditation

by Larisa Renar

We are standing in front of the curtain of the future handing a lamp. We are drawing the curtain away and see the probable future. All our dreams and longings, our plans and wishes are here. Look attentively at everything that the lamp is showing us – every heart impulse and every chance in the future. Now make the plan of the most sacred wishes to come true basing on the possibilities seen.

Light up your plan with the lamp in order to make it unforgettable to your consciousness and future and to make it seen by all the High Powers. You’ll need them for help. Absorb the power of realization of your dream and close the curtain of future to let it keep its secrets until the next time.

Now we possess the needed powers and abilities for coming over all the difficulties in making our plan come true. We live with our light.

Lotus – 28th Moon day – a day of looking for your destiny

Lotus – 28th Moon day – a day of looking for your destiny

LotusI turn to each of four cardinal directions and ask the four elements in single flow to show me my destiny!

It’s a day of looking for your destiny. We smile to our fortune and it tells us the secret of our destiny. Lotus symbolizes realization of potential abilities. We see what we’ve done and what we are to do and how wonderful our mission in the world is and the happiness and harmony it brings to us and people around.

Yesterday you realized your place in the world and among other people. Today you are going to find your own way that determines your destiny. You can also see how many powers you put into realizing your earthly aim.

It’s a pleasant day. You are probably to have enlightenment and foresee your future. If you work with your dreams and chakras they’ll help you. The most important is to stay in good mood and control all the deeds and thoughts to be kind. Don’t use your powers and energy to small routine worries, don’t argue.

In spite of the possibilities of enlightenments the day is not good for active deals so don’t take life-changing decisions. However, you may start rebuilding or repair today.

It’s important to stay in good mood, have kind thoughts and deeds today.

One shouldn’t change the place of work today, have wedding or move into another house this day.


by Larisa Renar

Saying mantras helps us to open and harmonize the high centers. When mantras are united with our movements and breathing, a one thousand-petals lotus blossoms out at the top of our head and let us realize our destiny and open our talents.

Sit down in a lotus pose (or a half-lotus pose, if the former is difficult for you to make). Raise your right hand, saying «So» – lift your energy up from your perineum to the point above your head. Saying «Hum», move your hand downwards drawing energy along the same channel from reality on the top.

The next three times say the sounds inwardly, make a breath when lifting the hand up and make an exhalation when moving it downwards. You should make four movements with every hand altogether.

The practice lets restore the balance of outer and inner energies and harmonize them, filling you with new powers at the end of the Moon month.

«Lotus» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Lotus is a cosmos rising up from the chaos. It’s a Flower of Light, the result of cooperation of creative powers of the Sun and the Moon powers of water. Being a universal basement of everything living, it blossoms up in the waters of endless opportunities. It embodies spiritual opening.

Go the way of lotus means to go all the sides of its petals and get into the very center to see one’s destination. Go towards the center starting with the outer opened petals of your talents which you are aware of well.

Semi-opened petals are your potential talents. You are suspecting of them. Maybe some other people have ever told you about them. However, you don’t use these talents all the time as if being afraid that they may disappear. Be more courageous.

Petals which are there above the very center of lotus are your endowments from the God. Some people are just afraid of admitting that they possess divine gifts from the skies. They seem this gift to be undeserved or too original. But everyone possesses it. Look attentively in the picture of lotus’ inner petals and it will open a mystery of your gifts to you.

The center of lotus is your true destination. It’s a God’s spark visible only if follow the lotus way. Aware of the true destination makes a person happy and undefeated by fate.

Shell – 25th Moon day – a day for inner work

Shell – 25th Moon day – a day for inner work

I know the qualities inside are the ones seen outside and with gratitude devote time to my inner world

garden flowers

It’s a day for inner work. We pay attention to our inner world to understand what is there inside of us. We close like a shell does in order to get into our inner world – like into a garden with its lakes and streams, flowers and birds. But there are places where the garden needs to be cared. Today we take care of our inner garden so that it can always stay flowering and give lots of wonderful fruits.

Look inside of you, there is a beautiful garden with its knowledge and secrets. Today you can find hidden powers inside. The wisdom of the day is in inner work, not in getting information from outside. Calmness, passiveness, silence are the main traits of this Moon day.

Listen to your inner voice, today you can easily hear it and there is a chance to speak to your inner You, rely upon it and get its answer. But don’t confuse intuition with fantasies and imagination. Listen to your soul, probably it asks you about smth and you haven’t had enough time to hear it because of your routine or great plans. Your soul is to tell you your destiny in life.

There is a chance to understand your mission on the Earth. Don’t be in a hurry or devote time to momentary wishes. It’s time for passiveness and meditation, time for inner truthfulness and leaving temptations behind.

It’s important today to do smth for your development, for your home and family.

One shouldn’t rush, fuss or following momentary caprices today.

«The Shell» Practice

by Larisa Renar


When we withdraw into ourselves and hide in our shell we realize our depth and transform into an invaluable pearl which all the world admires of.

Sit down on the floor, legs straight and moved asides, hands pressed against the floor behind your back. «Close» the shell – stretch forwards to your feet with your hands, chest and head as low as you can – you deep into the world of your subconscious. Make three breaths and exhalations. Then open your shell taking an initial pose.

Lift your knees to your stomach, wing them with hands and put your head down – close your shell tight and feel all the inner and secret. Vibrate from side to side in such a pose. Then open up your shell as soon as you’ve taken in subconscious all the energy and knowledge you need. Do the exercise once at a time.

The practice let us realize the wisdom of life because of the cooperating with subconscious energies.

«The Shell» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Shell symbolizes female water spark, the Universe womb, birth, revival and subconsciousness. We can hear different sounds in a shell – they are the sounds of our inner world that is able to close and open to the world like a shell does.

You are a shell lying beside the ocean, green coming waves are caressing you and the sun is warming you, you are lying on white sand and birds are flying above you. But you are deep in your inner world now. Having closed your pearly folds you are looking into your mysterious inner world. A pearl of your femininity is glittering in it. Look it over, find your own reflection in it and take out of it the mood you need now.

It’s the mood of relax and calmness. Maybe you notice that your beautiful pearl is dim in some places or covered with sand and sea grass. So, put everything in order in your inner world, create a cozy home inside of you for your soul to live in, enjoying the harmony and wisdom, love and beauty. Look your inner world over – it’s so beautiful!

Mountain – 24th Moon day – a day of waking up and transforming

Mountain – 24th Moon day – a day of waking up and transforming

I put a basement for my prosperity!

It’s a day of waking up and transforming and of male power as well. We feel the power of earth and the activeness of air in us today. An energy flow runs through us and induces us to new actions and transformations. Mountain is a symbol of a great deal finishing. We use this day to creatively think over main deals of our life and do as much as we can today.

You can feel an enormous bust of energy or even get an eye-opener. It’s a harmonious and creative day which is much recommended for a starting of some new big business or a global long-term project. All the basements put today will stand for centuries. It’s important that you’re active today. This day is for getting up to the highest peaks. And the strongest energy is sure to be used properly.

By no means should you get upset or depressed. The Universe sees it like disrespect to the nature powers. One should use everything that is given to us by nature. It’s recommended to perform some creative projects, all kinds of business activity are sure to be a success as well. The day is pleasant for awakening and transforming sexual energy, it’s one of the best days for conception. This day should be actively used for strengthening of one’s health and development of spiritual level.

It’s important today to start some great business, be creative and physically active.

One shouldn’t stay passive or abuse sexual practices today.

«The Mountain» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Strength, aspiration for the sky and solidity are male qualities. But sometimes in difficult situations a woman needs to feel her power and inner discipline. In such moments we become a mountain.

Stand straight. Legs parallel, hands down. Turn out shoulders; shoulder-blades go close together. Lift up your hands asides and move them together over your head with your palms looking out. Stretch with all your body. Now turn palms inside, move your head backwards and look up. Stand and stretch from earth to the sky. Then move hands down and get your back relaxed. Repeat the exercise four times.

The practice helps to gain a foothold on earth and aspirate to the sky, transforming the nature’s energies and the energies of creation.

«The Mountain» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Mountain is the top and central point of the earth, a place where it meets sky in the clouds. Mountain is considered to be a place of going from one plan to another, a place for communication with God. It also symbolizes permanency, eternity, solidity and motionlessness. Climbing a sacred mountain symbolizes longing to High states.

Climbing a mountain is always inspiring. What your mountain looks like? Maybe, it’s a gently sloping green hill. Or it may be a naked rocky top. Or is your mountain – your own Everest? Are there pathways on it and everything you need to get to its peak? See in details what you need for climbing up. Think over it with creativity as on your way up you join the nature powers that help you to create the new.

On your way up you can also meat friendly spirits of nature, that will draw tree branches for you to grasp, will show caves for you to hide in during thunderstorms, will open cosy paths and inspire with sunny wind and birds songs. Don’t ignore their help and climb up and up, not forgetting to thank them. Today you are to get to the top!

Crocodile – 23rd Moon day – a day for aggression and checking your real abilities

Crocodile – 23rd Moon day – a day for aggression and checking your real abilities

I remember who I am and what I want and there is no power that can prevent me from following my way.

It’s a day for aggression and destruction, for checking your real abilities. We remember where we aim to, what is important for us and whom we love. It’s necessary today to be attentive to your own needs in order not to destroy relationships, business or yourself. You should keep your way chosen and your decisions and stay calm no matter what happens around. It’s dangerous to over- or under- estimate yourself. This is a cruel time. Crocodile is a symbol of everything negative, wild and mean in a person. You’ll need a strong will not to follow destroying instincts especially in critical situations. Avoid crowds today. Don’t follow a temptation to offend smb or revenge..

Try to devote your thoughts, feelings and deeds to light energy and perform practices for empowering your will. The most important qualities to be shown today are carefulness, attentiveness and abstention, then you are probably to get power and abilities of healing. Enforce and clean up your house. If it’s possible, be strict in taking meals. Don’t make sex today.

It’s important today to stand for your ideas, clean up your house, be physically active.

One shouldn’t go to crowd places, make sex or perform some risky financial operations.

«The Crocodile» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Every one of us has a dark side inside that is managed by ancient wild instincts and is hidden in the depths of our subconscious. And only a strong will can defeat the monster which tries to get out this day and to enslave us.

Lie on your stomach, hands under your head, legs straight. Your head is laid on your palms. Feel the earth you lie on. Breathe evenly and deeply. Lift your head and chest leaning on your arms bent in elbows and simultaneously lift up your legs crossed in wrists, right leg rests on the left one. Count up to ten slowly and inwardly. Then take an initial pose. Repeat the exercise changing legs. Do it four times for every leg.

The practice helps to enforce your will and to discipline inner energies, harmonizes all the body’s rhythms.

«The Crocodile» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Crocodile is an eater, symbolizing mean instincts and aggression. Being able to leave both on earth and in water it symbolizes the dualistic nature of a man. The crocodile with open jaws means the moving against the flow and releasing of the world limitations.

Each of us has his own crocodile inside. For some people, it’s a little green crocodile, almost pretty, for others – it’s a huge alligator. It’s a symbol of our wild passions and aggressive moods, destroying instincts. If you leave you crocodile free it can easily eat all you undertakings and break your dreams to pieces. You should learn to control; your crocodile. Look straight into its cold yellow eyes. Let your will fight with its will. Intelligent ideas against thoughtless instincts. Calm confidence against wild anger. Strength against irritation and abuses. Commitment against vanity and foolish dreams. Stay self-possessed and control your inner beast, show it how the collected energy can be used for good.