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Cock – 7th Moon day – day of choosing the direction of your way

Cock – 7th Moon day – day of choosing the direction of your way


I choose the way to integrity through the female energy, wisdom, women’s beauty and love!

This is the day of choosing the direction of your way. We come to crossroad and concentrate to choose the further way. We are fully concentrated on the energy source of bursting energy and subdue it to our will, our mind and our heart. The cock is a symbol of the new day coming, often it’s a wind screw which shows where the wind blows to. Its cry possesses a great power, breaking up the dark powers and announcing the light coming.

Words possess a huge power this day, both destroying and creative one. Everything which is said this day comes true. The Universe catches each your word and take it as your wish and your choice of further development, and fulfill same. It’s better to keep silence this day or work at your speech skills, record yourself, find needless words and try not to use them any longer.

All the good wishes happen this day. A pray is heard, a request is fulfilled. You make the choice of your way with each word today. Lies break the effect of your words at other people today. Nature around and all the world feel each your word very sensitively even if said by chance. The main danger of the day is to say and then to regret, so speak less.

It’s important on this day to announce your wishes.

You shouldn’t tell lies, gossip or speak without thinking before.

«The COCK» Practice

by Larisa Renar

We join light powers which announce the sunrise and give us an opportunity to restart everything while we copy the cock’s cry.

Stand up, with legs parallel, hands down. Make an exhalation, raise your hands over your head and pose them in a triangle. On a breath move a triangle downwards to the chest level, dividing your inner energy into two parts in your dreams – the white one (men’s energy) to the right side, the red one (women’s energy) to the left. On an exhalation turn the triangle upside down and put it down to the floor. Then stand up.

Sit down on a chair and put your elbows to the Deepings on your knees and wait until your hands get together. When your hands are together lift them to chin level, put your thumbs under your chin while pointing fingers are on the deepening under your nose (it’s a point of pre-memory). Other fingers make a megaphone. Make 8 exhalations into this megaphone and cry out «Cock-a-doodle-do!» three times, announcing a sunrise. After this bring your thumbs to crown of your head along your face and then unbend your fingers and lift your hand up like the Sun rises. Do the practice once at a time.

This practice helps to get rid of fear of public speeches.

«The COCK» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

The cock is a symbol of glory, perfection, braveness and vigilance. It announces the sunrise and therefore the beginning of new. Besides, often it’s a wind screw which shows where the wind blows to. It’s always easier to follow the destiny wind than to force it.

You hear the cock’s brave cry which is awakening the sunrise. Open your eyes and feel the inner braveness and joy to wake up inside of you together with this victory of light. You know where the sun comes from. You can see your way direction clearly and you are not afraid to tell your opinion bravely and clearly. The cock will cry out loudly your wishes to the Universe and it will hear them for sure. Moreover, the cock never lies. There are no false sunrises. If you have nothing to say just keep silence and don’t send the wrong information about yourself into the world. But if you hear the cock’s joyful voice that means your time have come, it’s time you’ve started the deals.