Horn of plenty – 2nd Moon day – day of filling up

Horn of plenty – 2nd Moon day – day of filling up

Deeply with my soul I accept everything that the World gives me!

It is the day of filling up. On this day you should gather energy and knowledge to make your wishes come true. We attract everything we need to realize once thought. We call up the fountains of wisdom, look for an inspiration, absorb nature’s energy and ask each of the four elements to reveal its secrets, thinking of the Horn of plenty as the symbol of this day. Gather information; think over the strategy of aim achieving, start making energetic practices or the complex of exercises.

Listen to your own feeling while communicating with different people. If your feel sickness, most likely this person is dangerous for you. On this day one can understand what is pleasant for him and what is not in all the spheres of life. We fill ourselves up only with true values and most sacred wishes. These are things which give us true pleasure.

Anger and irritation take our energy away and today we need it all to fill the power of the sail of our dream with the wind. Be generous, make presents, get rid of the things you don’t need any more. Then the World will give you much more in return. We give things away generously and without any regret, revealing our generosity to the World and accepting its generosity in return.

It’s important on this day to be generous.

On this day one should not be angry and irritable or conflict with others.

«Switching on the Rhythm of Pleasure» Practice

by Larisa Renar

When a person enjoys every moment of his life – his work, relationship and the world around, he gets into the abundance stream of Universe.

Stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Put a little finger and a thumb of your left hand together and bring them to the dimple under your nose. It’s a point of pre-memory, a point of our aim. Make a breath, and on an exhalation turn left and say aloud «ONE», taking energy from the past and asking permission for getting pleasure. Return to initial pose.

Now put together a little finger and a thumb of your right hand and bring them to the point of pre-memory as well. Turn right and say «ONE» on an exhalation, taking energy from the future and asking permission for getting pleasure.

Now bring your right and left little fingers and thumbs to the point of pre-memory, look forward, into your present time and say «ONE», taking energy from the present. On an exhalation raise your hands up over your head, put the fingers of both hands together, creating a Horn of Plenty and imagine in details everything that you want to bring to your life – all the presents and gifts.

Stroke your hands along your head, enjoying the abundance of the world and imagine that the world showers you with diamonds, gifts and money.

The practice is made once at a time. The practice lets you permit yourself to enjoy life and to get into eternal rhythm of prosperity.

«Horn of plenty» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Horn of plenty

Horn of plenty is a symbol of the world giving its presents to us. It symbolizes fertility, both male (horn is a phallic symbol) and female one (empty horn is a symbol of female stark). It’s an attribute of Gods that patronizing plant’s reproduction and wine-making, as well as the goddess of destiny and god-mothers Fortuna, Ceres and Althaeas.

We are standing under an endless cupola of sky on enormous fertile earth in hot bright sunlight; a roar of powerful ocean is heard from somewhere. The universe is opening its sources to us. We are handing horn of plenty. We can be filled up with everything needed – hot energy of passion and creation, tender drips and ambient flow of love, persistent power and confidence of comfort, with height and inaccessibility of self-sufficiency.

We are getting everything we need to make our dream come true from the horn of plenty – wealth and powers, abilities and meetings, beauty and pleasure. But the horn of plenty is inexhaustible and we sharing its gifts with close people. We make presents and pleasant surprises to make the life of every person close to us a little happier and wealthier. And the more we give the more we got from the world.

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