Book – 22nd Moon day – day of initiation into a secret knowledge

Book – 22nd Moon day – day of initiation into a secret knowledge

I believe in world’s wisdom and I am ready to get its knowledge

We look for the sources of wisdom and they give us answers to many questions. These answers can be surprising and unexpected so we touch the sacred knowledge and it shows a hidden life side to us.

You can connect an information field and base your research onto the global laws of the Universe. Books, archives and the ancient knowledge come to those who search the way to the spiritual growth and self-improvement.

Use this period to find the sources of wisdom, secrete knowledge, science and skills. They could be really secret or they could be right close to you and well-known for a long time. It’s useful to turn to your predecessors today and they will help you to achieve any of your aims.

Realize what you want now. Look around and search for information needed. All the creativity is based on the power of knowledge today. The power of mind and intuition are the most authoritative. Appreciate the sudden ideas; don’t be afraid of uncommon decisions of the old problems. It’s also not restricted to make forecasts for they will be realized.

It’s important to get and to forward knowledge, experience and to show generosity today.

One shouldn’t use knowledge for evil purposes, change the place of leaving or start the new deals on this day.

«MANDALA» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Secrets of universe that we can read like a book are encoded in mandala.

Stand straight, legs close together, hands down. Bend your knees a little and move them asides – you’ve opened the first pages of a book.

Lift your hands and move them asides as well – you’ve opened next pages of a book. Fist your hands, taking «the angles of pages».

Now «read»: Turn your head left – read the past, Turn your head right – read the future, Move your head up and backwards – read the sky, Move your head down – read the earth.

Now «close the book» – unbend your knees and put your hands together in front of your chest. You are filled with the world’s knowledge.

Repeat the exercise four times.

The practice lets us get sacred knowledge from hidden sources.

«Book» Meditation

by Larisa Renar


Book is a symbol of the Universe, of the book of world and the book of life, of the studying and the spirit of wisdom, sincerity and the mystery of the written. Book symbolizes knowledge which is inside of it and the secret which should be opened.

Here is a book with all the knowledge about you and your life inside. It includes everything about the past, the present and the future. All the information you need in order to realize the most sacred dreams. You are looking at it and realizing what kind of treasure you are holding in your hands.

Meanwhile, there are so many pages in the book that the whole life is not enough to read it all through. You should choose the most important of what you want to learn today and open the book at exact pages.

You are looking at the book of ALL the world knowledge and deciding what is the most important, the main and the most needed today. Concentrate on these thoughts. Then close the book. It will be opened at those exact pages which contain hints you need, be sure of that. These can be places, things or people’s portraits.

Remember what the book has said to you. Those are the signs of the book of wisdom. In your real life you are sure to find these things and the people and they will help you with your deals.

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