Fiery Sword – day of the awakening power (11th Moon day)

Fiery Sword – day of the awakening power (11th Moon day)


I feel the energy flow and share it!

It’s the day of the powers’ awakening, the most powerful one with its energy. We feel the power inside of us and make clear and realistic life plans. Everything thought this day is to happen. Today the Kundalini energy wakes up. The symbol of fiery sword is associated with this awaken power moving along the spine. Therefore you should be attentive to yourself and careful in your actions. Don’t follow irrepressible joy. The playing powers are flammable and can destroy something you care of, if being uncontrolled.

The energy given to us today requires the exact actions, better not complicated so that you can keep the playing energies under control. Make the day plan and follow it. It’s better to use your time and your power for relatives.

Your children, parents, friends, husband or a close person can be warmed by your energy today and drink from your power spring. You can pray, take care of relatives, make presents to them. The best thing today is to give your love to others.

Today it’s important to fulfill completely all the deals started before.

You shouldn’t doubt, come into conflicts or follow the excitement today.

«Fiery Sword» Practice

by Larisa Renar


If you’re able to manage your sexual energy, you can use it like a sword that clears up the way to your wishes.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Toughen your back muscles, hands down, palms put together. You’ve taken a sword. Lift up your straight hands over your head, palms still together. You’ve lift up your sword. On a breath raise the sword and bend sharply in a way that your hands cut the air vertically and stop low between your legs. Your back is straight; your hands are straight as well.

Control the awakening energy and let it flow in a way you want it to. Unbent and raise your sword again. Do the cuts with your sword seven times. After the seventh cut stand straightly, make a breath, take an initial pose and make an exhalation.

This practice activates the Kundalini energy and teaches us to aim our energy.

«Fiery Sword» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Sword is symbol of power, defence, energy and king dignity. Fiery sword symbolizes your abilities of leader and skills to communicate with active powers. It’s a phallic symbol but being together with sheath it embodies the unity of male and female energies. Besides, a sword is a sharpness of your intuition, power of intellect and spiritual determination.

You are in the epicenter of uncontrolled powers of nature and the Universe; the same powerful flows of energy are waking up in you. Feel yourself in the power of rise energies. They can make you lose your life aim, make you rush around like a feather in wind or make you forget your essence and your way.

But you are holding a fire sword in your hands. It enlightens the darkness, defeats nightmares and illusions and can fight all the beasts. You are watching its burning blade and get united with it. It becomes an axle that supports all your being – your soul, your mind and your body.

You are the fiery sword now and you manage it, clearing up the place for order, for deals that should be done and aims that should be achieved, in the chaos of energies. The sword of fire energy draws a beautiful pattern of your destiny in the clew of fighting energies.

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