She-Wolf – 15th Moon day – day of temptations and fight

She-Wolf – 15th Moon day – day of temptations and fight


I control my emotions and my wishes

It’s a day of temptations and fights. She-wolf is a symbol of loyalty and independence, fierceness and calmness. We realize that sometimes our female energy can get out of control. Today it’s time to think over every our desire and analyze its effects for the future.

It’s a dangerous day when we are eager to follow temptations and instincts, forget about self-control and do lots of wrong things. But all these can lead only to the energy and power loss. The Moon tempts our soul and mind with full freedom, even of this world. Our soul gets out of mind control and its power becomes uncontrollable. A woman wants to fly on a broom, leave her children and husband.

But at the same time we can find our second half today because a woman is on a peak point of her female power which helps her to change her life cardinally.

In order to control wild witch energies and not let them do wrongs it’s much recommended to do some disciplining exercises to get back to reality. Remember of validity and harmony. Follow wise precepts and don’t let yourself be ruled by laziness or other people.

It’s important to repay debts, summarize results and appeal love today.

One shouldn’t make sex, start new business, sign papers and make big purchases.

«Complex of Hortice» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Every woman needs to get rid of negative emotions she accumulated during a month. And getting united with a she-wolf (a sacred animal) of the Moon a woman howls out her pain and problems, getting back her wild primordial female power.

Bent on your knees on the floor and imagine yourself to be a she-wolf.

Move your pelvis backwards and your hands – forwards as if you spring out your claws. Stretch your body. Now move your body forwards as if looking for a prey and then again move your body backwards. Repeat three times.

Now sit on your heels. Lift up your chin and look up «at the Moon». Start howling and keep on doing this until you’re free of all the needless emotions which prevent you from harmony. At the end of this exercise put your palms together in front of your chest, accepting yourself and the world as well. Repeat this practice once at a time.

This practice helps to get rid of the strongest emotional tension which grows stronger at this critical Moon day.

«She-Wolf» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

The she-wolf is a symbol of wild nature. It’s independent and proud, it’s a predator. It knows own value but at the same time it can give pleasure. It symbolizes passion and power, freedom and loyalty. There is wild power inside of it and the night hunter’s magic. At the same time she-wolf is the most devoted mother that protects her children by its life.

When mystery powers wake up in a woman she changes to a beautiful, proud, silvery she-wolf and performs the dance of energies in Moon light. An irresistible and wild energy of the day threatens the world with destructions. That is how relations can be broken at once and something important, breakable and tender can be lost.

The she-wolf dance is meant to control the powers born on this Moon day and to transform the destroying whirlpool into an eye-catching dance. Its body is moving wildly with grace in moonlight, the sparks of power are dropping from its silvery fur.

It is singing its song full of unfelt emotions and power; it is announcing its feelings to the world and is getting its soul and body free of blocks and negative. The eye-catching dance of power corrects your energy taking away all the destructing emotions. So when the dance is finished you become a woman who knows her power.

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