Crocodile – 23rd Moon day – a day for aggression and checking your real abilities

Crocodile – 23rd Moon day – a day for aggression and checking your real abilities

I remember who I am and what I want and there is no power that can prevent me from following my way.

It’s a day for aggression and destruction, for checking your real abilities. We remember where we aim to, what is important for us and whom we love. It’s necessary today to be attentive to your own needs in order not to destroy relationships, business or yourself. You should keep your way chosen and your decisions and stay calm no matter what happens around. It’s dangerous to over- or under- estimate yourself. This is a cruel time. Crocodile is a symbol of everything negative, wild and mean in a person. You’ll need a strong will not to follow destroying instincts especially in critical situations. Avoid crowds today. Don’t follow a temptation to offend smb or revenge..

Try to devote your thoughts, feelings and deeds to light energy and perform practices for empowering your will. The most important qualities to be shown today are carefulness, attentiveness and abstention, then you are probably to get power and abilities of healing. Enforce and clean up your house. If it’s possible, be strict in taking meals. Don’t make sex today.

It’s important today to stand for your ideas, clean up your house, be physically active.

One shouldn’t go to crowd places, make sex or perform some risky financial operations.

«The Crocodile» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Every one of us has a dark side inside that is managed by ancient wild instincts and is hidden in the depths of our subconscious. And only a strong will can defeat the monster which tries to get out this day and to enslave us.

Lie on your stomach, hands under your head, legs straight. Your head is laid on your palms. Feel the earth you lie on. Breathe evenly and deeply. Lift your head and chest leaning on your arms bent in elbows and simultaneously lift up your legs crossed in wrists, right leg rests on the left one. Count up to ten slowly and inwardly. Then take an initial pose. Repeat the exercise changing legs. Do it four times for every leg.

The practice helps to enforce your will and to discipline inner energies, harmonizes all the body’s rhythms.

«The Crocodile» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Crocodile is an eater, symbolizing mean instincts and aggression. Being able to leave both on earth and in water it symbolizes the dualistic nature of a man. The crocodile with open jaws means the moving against the flow and releasing of the world limitations.

Each of us has his own crocodile inside. For some people, it’s a little green crocodile, almost pretty, for others – it’s a huge alligator. It’s a symbol of our wild passions and aggressive moods, destroying instincts. If you leave you crocodile free it can easily eat all you undertakings and break your dreams to pieces. You should learn to control; your crocodile. Look straight into its cold yellow eyes. Let your will fight with its will. Intelligent ideas against thoughtless instincts. Calm confidence against wild anger. Strength against irritation and abuses. Commitment against vanity and foolish dreams. Stay self-possessed and control your inner beast, show it how the collected energy can be used for good.

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