Leopard – 3rd Moon day – day of aggression

Leopard – 3rd Moon day – day of aggression


I put all my power and passion to achieve my dream. My dream comes true!

It’s the day of aggression. So, passion and your active position in achieving wishes reveal themselves today. We feel the strength of our will and an ability to jump into the future and to achieve any aim, just like leopard, which symbolizes possess and full power concentration does. Make the first step to fulfill the ideas – the most important is to start actions. This can be something very simple: just a telephone call, a meeting, signing an agreement, buying some goods needed.

On this Moon day your activity, even if excessive, is good for you, while your passive position destroys you and your life. All passive people are weak today. The inner physical energy is so strong today that it’s enough for self-protection as well as for completing all the deals. Don’t be afraid of keeping your position and saying NO on this day, transform your negative emotions and your anger into power. Fulfill the complex of exercises, go to sauna, make manicure – don’t keep your energy inside and turn it to creation (mind that your deals should be peaceful). Complete the routine and simple tasks.

It’s important on this Moon day to show your will and keep your position, but at the same time to keep inner concentration and calm.

One shouldn’t jealous and show proud today.

«NO!» Practice

by Larisa Renar

«No» is like a compressed spring. If you always restrain a desire to stand for your point of view on the questions you consider to be inadmissible or to show your feelings, negative emotions start destroying you from within making a victim of you. It’s not always possible to argue with real people but you always can express everything that tortures you when you’re alone.

Stand on your knees in front of two pillows, hands together on your knees. Put straight hands in a lock, move them up and backwards. Make a breath and on an exhalation strike pillows with your hands as strongly as you can and rap out «NO!!!»

During next three minutes strike pillows with your hands as strongly as you can, each time moving your hands backwards above your head as far as possible. Let all the emotions leave you and transform into power. During the next three minutes you just sit down silently in an initial pose and follow your inner processes.

The «NO!» practice helps to build inner firmness and transform negative emotions into power.

Leopard Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Leopard symbolizes anger, aggression and fearlessness. Leopard is warlike and brave, impetuous and cunning. In its character is to hunt actively for a victim no matter what the latter is. Points on the light leopard’s fur are often compared with the eyes of nature gods looking at us.

We are going to transform into a leopard and become as brave and resolute in reaching aims as it is. We are hunting out for everything we need and are not going to return without a prey. Today we roar, stand for our opinion and reach our aim like experienced predators. Depict your aim like a prey that you’ve been looking for and watching out for a long time. And now you see it. The blood gets boiled, your muscles are tightened, and mind is cold. You feel the power of a real wild animal ready to jump play in you.

Jump, another one and the next one!.. Your plans are starting to come true from this day and you’re persistent like leopard, gracious and dangerous like a panther. You act and get what you want.

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