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Truncheon – 27th Moon day – day of getting sacred knowledge

Truncheon – 27th Moon day – day of getting sacred knowledge

I follow the rules of generous reality and it gives me everything I need this moment.

It’s a day of getting sacred knowledge. We listen to the world attentively, look at it and see our own place in it. It’s the place where we can get all the needed knowledge. A magic truncheon, a trident points out right direction to us; it’s a symbol of hope. You are to meet people, books and films that will give everything needed to make our life to the best advantage.

Don’t ignore proposes made today. Think over all of them. Today the world shows us everything we’ve done before, during the previous Moon days of the month. Every deed made before gives its result today. The point is only to see it.

This Moon day is good to find your place in this world. Besides, it’s a time for sharing knowledge. It’s important to realize you’re one of the particles of mankind and your own development helps the whole world. When praying or meditating think not only about yourself but of all mankind. World energies tie people together.

Don’t separate your destiny from the destiny of all mankind or make illusions that a person can live alone. No matter what you do you’re in charge for your deeds.

It’s important today to repay debts, realize your place and to acquire knowledge. One shouldn’t incur debts, stay alone or take care only of himself this day.

«SAT-HAM» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Moving in a certain way we get united with the sky as if piercing it with our energy to make the latter, focused at the tops of our fingers, take our message to the High powers and come back to us hundred times more powerful.

Sit down on your heels on the floor. Your back is straight. Put your hands together in front of your chest lifting up your point fingers and making a lock of the other ones. Move hands upwards to the forehead level.

Toss your hands to sky and stand on your knees, raping out «Sat!» Sit down on your heels, move your hands down to the chest line and rap put «Ham!»

Repeat the movements eleven times making the sounds «Sat» – upwards and «Ham» – downwards. Do the exercise nine times.

The practice helps to get active energies and stay filled with powers for the rest of the day.

«Truncheon» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Truncheon symbolizes power, authority, high post, world’s axis. Truncheon has much in common with staff in symbolic meaning, like the latter it means the right direction, sacred knowledge pointing the way. It’s an attribute of magicians and has a magical power and ability to defeat quarrels.

You’re holding a gold trident in your hands. Raise it to the sky to get the sacred knowledge – let it glitter in the blueness of air. Stick it into the earth to get its wisdom and let it get the qualities of its bowels. Cut the sea waves with it so that it possesses magical characteristics of the water element. Bring it to a great heat so that it could have traits of transformation. Now you possess your own key to the knowledge of all four elements. In your hands it’s going to become an arm for fighting, a staff in your way, a pointing sign at crossroads, a truncheon of power and a key that opens every door.

Fiery Sword – day of the awakening power (11th Moon day)

Fiery Sword – day of the awakening power (11th Moon day)


I feel the energy flow and share it!

It’s the day of the powers’ awakening, the most powerful one with its energy. We feel the power inside of us and make clear and realistic life plans. Everything thought this day is to happen. Today the Kundalini energy wakes up. The symbol of fiery sword is associated with this awaken power moving along the spine. Therefore you should be attentive to yourself and careful in your actions. Don’t follow irrepressible joy. The playing powers are flammable and can destroy something you care of, if being uncontrolled.

The energy given to us today requires the exact actions, better not complicated so that you can keep the playing energies under control. Make the day plan and follow it. It’s better to use your time and your power for relatives.

Your children, parents, friends, husband or a close person can be warmed by your energy today and drink from your power spring. You can pray, take care of relatives, make presents to them. The best thing today is to give your love to others.

Today it’s important to fulfill completely all the deals started before.

You shouldn’t doubt, come into conflicts or follow the excitement today.

«Fiery Sword» Practice

by Larisa Renar


If you’re able to manage your sexual energy, you can use it like a sword that clears up the way to your wishes.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Toughen your back muscles, hands down, palms put together. You’ve taken a sword. Lift up your straight hands over your head, palms still together. You’ve lift up your sword. On a breath raise the sword and bend sharply in a way that your hands cut the air vertically and stop low between your legs. Your back is straight; your hands are straight as well.

Control the awakening energy and let it flow in a way you want it to. Unbent and raise your sword again. Do the cuts with your sword seven times. After the seventh cut stand straightly, make a breath, take an initial pose and make an exhalation.

This practice activates the Kundalini energy and teaches us to aim our energy.

«Fiery Sword» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Sword is symbol of power, defence, energy and king dignity. Fiery sword symbolizes your abilities of leader and skills to communicate with active powers. It’s a phallic symbol but being together with sheath it embodies the unity of male and female energies. Besides, a sword is a sharpness of your intuition, power of intellect and spiritual determination.

You are in the epicenter of uncontrolled powers of nature and the Universe; the same powerful flows of energy are waking up in you. Feel yourself in the power of rise energies. They can make you lose your life aim, make you rush around like a feather in wind or make you forget your essence and your way.

But you are holding a fire sword in your hands. It enlightens the darkness, defeats nightmares and illusions and can fight all the beasts. You are watching its burning blade and get united with it. It becomes an axle that supports all your being – your soul, your mind and your body.

You are the fiery sword now and you manage it, clearing up the place for order, for deals that should be done and aims that should be achieved, in the chaos of energies. The sword of fire energy draws a beautiful pattern of your destiny in the clew of fighting energies.

Cock – 7th Moon day – day of choosing the direction of your way

Cock – 7th Moon day – day of choosing the direction of your way


I choose the way to integrity through the female energy, wisdom, women’s beauty and love!

This is the day of choosing the direction of your way. We come to crossroad and concentrate to choose the further way. We are fully concentrated on the energy source of bursting energy and subdue it to our will, our mind and our heart. The cock is a symbol of the new day coming, often it’s a wind screw which shows where the wind blows to. Its cry possesses a great power, breaking up the dark powers and announcing the light coming.

Words possess a huge power this day, both destroying and creative one. Everything which is said this day comes true. The Universe catches each your word and take it as your wish and your choice of further development, and fulfill same. It’s better to keep silence this day or work at your speech skills, record yourself, find needless words and try not to use them any longer.

All the good wishes happen this day. A pray is heard, a request is fulfilled. You make the choice of your way with each word today. Lies break the effect of your words at other people today. Nature around and all the world feel each your word very sensitively even if said by chance. The main danger of the day is to say and then to regret, so speak less.

It’s important on this day to announce your wishes.

You shouldn’t tell lies, gossip or speak without thinking before.

«The COCK» Practice

by Larisa Renar

We join light powers which announce the sunrise and give us an opportunity to restart everything while we copy the cock’s cry.

Stand up, with legs parallel, hands down. Make an exhalation, raise your hands over your head and pose them in a triangle. On a breath move a triangle downwards to the chest level, dividing your inner energy into two parts in your dreams – the white one (men’s energy) to the right side, the red one (women’s energy) to the left. On an exhalation turn the triangle upside down and put it down to the floor. Then stand up.

Sit down on a chair and put your elbows to the Deepings on your knees and wait until your hands get together. When your hands are together lift them to chin level, put your thumbs under your chin while pointing fingers are on the deepening under your nose (it’s a point of pre-memory). Other fingers make a megaphone. Make 8 exhalations into this megaphone and cry out «Cock-a-doodle-do!» three times, announcing a sunrise. After this bring your thumbs to crown of your head along your face and then unbend your fingers and lift your hand up like the Sun rises. Do the practice once at a time.

This practice helps to get rid of fear of public speeches.

«The COCK» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

The cock is a symbol of glory, perfection, braveness and vigilance. It announces the sunrise and therefore the beginning of new. Besides, often it’s a wind screw which shows where the wind blows to. It’s always easier to follow the destiny wind than to force it.

You hear the cock’s brave cry which is awakening the sunrise. Open your eyes and feel the inner braveness and joy to wake up inside of you together with this victory of light. You know where the sun comes from. You can see your way direction clearly and you are not afraid to tell your opinion bravely and clearly. The cock will cry out loudly your wishes to the Universe and it will hear them for sure. Moreover, the cock never lies. There are no false sunrises. If you have nothing to say just keep silence and don’t send the wrong information about yourself into the world. But if you hear the cock’s joyful voice that means your time have come, it’s time you’ve started the deals.

Mountain – 24th Moon day – a day of waking up and transforming

Mountain – 24th Moon day – a day of waking up and transforming

I put a basement for my prosperity!

It’s a day of waking up and transforming and of male power as well. We feel the power of earth and the activeness of air in us today. An energy flow runs through us and induces us to new actions and transformations. Mountain is a symbol of a great deal finishing. We use this day to creatively think over main deals of our life and do as much as we can today.

You can feel an enormous bust of energy or even get an eye-opener. It’s a harmonious and creative day which is much recommended for a starting of some new big business or a global long-term project. All the basements put today will stand for centuries. It’s important that you’re active today. This day is for getting up to the highest peaks. And the strongest energy is sure to be used properly.

By no means should you get upset or depressed. The Universe sees it like disrespect to the nature powers. One should use everything that is given to us by nature. It’s recommended to perform some creative projects, all kinds of business activity are sure to be a success as well. The day is pleasant for awakening and transforming sexual energy, it’s one of the best days for conception. This day should be actively used for strengthening of one’s health and development of spiritual level.

It’s important today to start some great business, be creative and physically active.

One shouldn’t stay passive or abuse sexual practices today.

«The Mountain» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Strength, aspiration for the sky and solidity are male qualities. But sometimes in difficult situations a woman needs to feel her power and inner discipline. In such moments we become a mountain.

Stand straight. Legs parallel, hands down. Turn out shoulders; shoulder-blades go close together. Lift up your hands asides and move them together over your head with your palms looking out. Stretch with all your body. Now turn palms inside, move your head backwards and look up. Stand and stretch from earth to the sky. Then move hands down and get your back relaxed. Repeat the exercise four times.

The practice helps to gain a foothold on earth and aspirate to the sky, transforming the nature’s energies and the energies of creation.

«The Mountain» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Mountain is the top and central point of the earth, a place where it meets sky in the clouds. Mountain is considered to be a place of going from one plan to another, a place for communication with God. It also symbolizes permanency, eternity, solidity and motionlessness. Climbing a sacred mountain symbolizes longing to High states.

Climbing a mountain is always inspiring. What your mountain looks like? Maybe, it’s a gently sloping green hill. Or it may be a naked rocky top. Or is your mountain – your own Everest? Are there pathways on it and everything you need to get to its peak? See in details what you need for climbing up. Think over it with creativity as on your way up you join the nature powers that help you to create the new.

On your way up you can also meat friendly spirits of nature, that will draw tree branches for you to grasp, will show caves for you to hide in during thunderstorms, will open cosy paths and inspire with sunny wind and birds songs. Don’t ignore their help and climb up and up, not forgetting to thank them. Today you are to get to the top!