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Wheel – 13th Moon day – new beginning

Wheel – 13th Moon day – new beginning


I leave behind everything that interferes with my life and takes my power away!

It’s the day of starting new and getting free of the load of our past. We leave behind everything that prevents us from following our way and turn the destiny wheel to new discoveries, meetings, knowledge and success. Imagine a turning wheel which you attach your dreams, ideas and aims to. They are going to come true only when a wheel makes a full turn around. Remember it’ll take time. Some people will get everything realized immediately, others – in a month and others – in a year or even three. The speed of your wheel turning depends on your energy power.

Try to get more new information today, start learning smth. All kinds of contacts, meetings, group work are much recommended today. You’re going to get the most useful knowledge of the world and yourself today.

Today you can get rid of your past. Everything that interferes with your life will leave you on this Moon day. However, old problems can reappear again. Keep calm and stay confident. Every decision made today is to give you energy for new discoveries.

Do the practice which helps to leave everything old and useless in the past, take only needed information with you and to see the necessary things in the future but not be confused with mirages.

It’s important to be active, both physically and in your communications with people today.

One shouldn’t stay hungry, both physically and emotionally this day.

«The Wheel» Practice

by Larisa Renar

wood farm wheel

Imagine a turning wheel which you attach your dreams, ideas and aims to. They are going to come true only when a wheel makes a full turn around. Remember it’ll take time. Some people will get everything realized immediately, others – in a month and others –in a year or even three. The speed of your wheel turning depends on your energy power.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Make a breath. Bent your body to the left and start turning simultaneous movement of your hands along the sun way to the left and upwards. Make an exhalation. Continue your wheel turn by bending your body to the right and moving hands along the sun way to the right and downwards.

Make nine turning movements along the sun way keeping your breath under control and imagining that you make run a huge wheel that work galaxies, sun systems and planets. Stop in a «hands down» position and start making nine turns against the sun way. On a breath bend to the right and lift hands up and to the right, on an exhalation bend to the left and move your hands down and leftwards. Make nine circles.

The practice helps to make the wheel of karmic energies run and to get free of everything you don’t need.

«The Wheel» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

vintage wheel old bicycle

Wheel symbolizes life cycle, revival and renovation, nobleness, changeability of material world. Wheel is also time, destiny or karma, a Samsara wheel, turning inexorably and incessantly.

There is a wheel of time in front of you. Every turn of it releases you of past problems, takes away everything wrong, useless, ill and senseless. You turn your will against sun drive, leaving behind past days, thanking them as well as emotions, goods and people for the experience given. And every turn of the wheel releases place for the new in you, takes away your past and lets open your future.

When the release is over, stop the fortune wheel, make a breath and start turning it along the sun drive on an exhalation. With every its turn put your dreams on your magic wheel, as well as your aims, plans, new acquaintances and willing circumstances. The wheel takes you to the future to new openings, so be ready to move with the speed you’ve given to it. The silver spokes are glittering starting the process of creation the new.

Fiery Sword – day of the awakening power (11th Moon day)

Fiery Sword – day of the awakening power (11th Moon day)


I feel the energy flow and share it!

It’s the day of the powers’ awakening, the most powerful one with its energy. We feel the power inside of us and make clear and realistic life plans. Everything thought this day is to happen. Today the Kundalini energy wakes up. The symbol of fiery sword is associated with this awaken power moving along the spine. Therefore you should be attentive to yourself and careful in your actions. Don’t follow irrepressible joy. The playing powers are flammable and can destroy something you care of, if being uncontrolled.

The energy given to us today requires the exact actions, better not complicated so that you can keep the playing energies under control. Make the day plan and follow it. It’s better to use your time and your power for relatives.

Your children, parents, friends, husband or a close person can be warmed by your energy today and drink from your power spring. You can pray, take care of relatives, make presents to them. The best thing today is to give your love to others.

Today it’s important to fulfill completely all the deals started before.

You shouldn’t doubt, come into conflicts or follow the excitement today.

«Fiery Sword» Practice

by Larisa Renar


If you’re able to manage your sexual energy, you can use it like a sword that clears up the way to your wishes.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Toughen your back muscles, hands down, palms put together. You’ve taken a sword. Lift up your straight hands over your head, palms still together. You’ve lift up your sword. On a breath raise the sword and bend sharply in a way that your hands cut the air vertically and stop low between your legs. Your back is straight; your hands are straight as well.

Control the awakening energy and let it flow in a way you want it to. Unbent and raise your sword again. Do the cuts with your sword seven times. After the seventh cut stand straightly, make a breath, take an initial pose and make an exhalation.

This practice activates the Kundalini energy and teaches us to aim our energy.

«Fiery Sword» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Sword is symbol of power, defence, energy and king dignity. Fiery sword symbolizes your abilities of leader and skills to communicate with active powers. It’s a phallic symbol but being together with sheath it embodies the unity of male and female energies. Besides, a sword is a sharpness of your intuition, power of intellect and spiritual determination.

You are in the epicenter of uncontrolled powers of nature and the Universe; the same powerful flows of energy are waking up in you. Feel yourself in the power of rise energies. They can make you lose your life aim, make you rush around like a feather in wind or make you forget your essence and your way.

But you are holding a fire sword in your hands. It enlightens the darkness, defeats nightmares and illusions and can fight all the beasts. You are watching its burning blade and get united with it. It becomes an axle that supports all your being – your soul, your mind and your body.

You are the fiery sword now and you manage it, clearing up the place for order, for deals that should be done and aims that should be achieved, in the chaos of energies. The sword of fire energy draws a beautiful pattern of your destiny in the clew of fighting energies.

Family Tree – 4th Moon day – choice between the good and the evil

Family Tree – 4th Moon day – choice between the good and the evil

family tree

I trust my soul to choose the good and light, creation and love!

This is the day of getting united with your family. A tree symbolizes a person himself, whose roots are connected with his forefathers that give him power, and a top aspiring to new heights and comprehension of higher sense. We recall different events which happened to us and think over the main lessons we got from those events. We thank the world for the lessons given and an opportunity not to repeat our mistakes. We ask our guardian angel to help us to choose the right way.

This is the day of switching on the powers of the good and the evil. Today we should make our deliberate choice between the good and the evil and the world checks us, giving provocative situations. Before doing or saying anything or making a decision on this day, read a prayer of «Intercession of the Mother of God», asking her for support: «Virgin Mother of God, rejoice, Mary full of grace; the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, for thou hast borne the Savior of our souls». Or read a mantra «Om Mani Padme Hum».

This day is good for being all by yourself, performing some passive routine, communications with close people. Streams of different energies are raging and you should be very attentive and sensitive when making any decision today.

It’s important on this day to communicate with close people; positive thinking and belief in success. A meditation is desirable.

On this day one better not participate in collective work.

«Joining the Family Power» Practice

by Larisa Renar

Our parents and forefathers give us life powers like roots feed a tree with life juice.

Stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Put your hands together behind your back, palms looking backwards like wings. For women: put your left hand into the right one, for men it’s vice versa. Make a full breath with your nose.

Bent your head to the left shoulder, taking energy from the past, bent your head to the right shoulder connecting it with the energy of the future. Make a breath and an exhalation. Bent your head to the right shoulder, taking energy from the future, bent your head to the left shoulder connecting it with the energy of the past. Make a breath and an exhalation.

Put your head backwards and look up into the sky. Make a breath. Put your head forwards and look down to Earth. Make an exhalation. Now make nine circular movements with your head on the Sun course absorbing the family power. Breathe as you like. Now make nine circular movements with your head against the Sun course giving the family power to next generations. Breathe as you like as well. Return to initial pose. Repeat the practice four times.

This practice lets us join the energy, power and potential of all our clan, our forefathers and descendants.

«Family Tree» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Tree is a symbol of growth and support, longing upside and rooting into earth. Besides, a tree symbolizes birth, dead and revival – symbolizing life and contribution of mankind. The tree of life has often become a metaphor for creating the world. According to many cultural traditions it grows on a sacred mountain or in paradise. The flow of spiritual energy runs out from under its roots.

We are coming to our family tree and rest our back upon it. We are putting our palms on it and touching it with the back of the head. Our feet are touching the roots of the family tree and we feel the power and energy of our clan go up along its roots from the earth. Juices of life are getting into us from the tree, filling us up with power and with our inner sight we see the moments when women from our clan were really happy.

But there are also pictures that we should make lessons from. These dark juices are going into us as well in order we don’t repeat mistakes of the past. We feel unevenness and twists of cortex with our palms – they are the destiny lines of our clan, our family wisdom, our present time. Look up to the sunlight seen through the leaves. Every leaf of the tree is our descendants, our future. We absorb everything our clan gives us.