Lotus – 28th Moon day – a day of looking for your destiny

Lotus – 28th Moon day – a day of looking for your destiny

LotusI turn to each of four cardinal directions and ask the four elements in single flow to show me my destiny!

It’s a day of looking for your destiny. We smile to our fortune and it tells us the secret of our destiny. Lotus symbolizes realization of potential abilities. We see what we’ve done and what we are to do and how wonderful our mission in the world is and the happiness and harmony it brings to us and people around.

Yesterday you realized your place in the world and among other people. Today you are going to find your own way that determines your destiny. You can also see how many powers you put into realizing your earthly aim.

It’s a pleasant day. You are probably to have enlightenment and foresee your future. If you work with your dreams and chakras they’ll help you. The most important is to stay in good mood and control all the deeds and thoughts to be kind. Don’t use your powers and energy to small routine worries, don’t argue.

In spite of the possibilities of enlightenments the day is not good for active deals so don’t take life-changing decisions. However, you may start rebuilding or repair today.

It’s important to stay in good mood, have kind thoughts and deeds today.

One shouldn’t change the place of work today, have wedding or move into another house this day.


by Larisa Renar

Saying mantras helps us to open and harmonize the high centers. When mantras are united with our movements and breathing, a one thousand-petals lotus blossoms out at the top of our head and let us realize our destiny and open our talents.

Sit down in a lotus pose (or a half-lotus pose, if the former is difficult for you to make). Raise your right hand, saying «So» – lift your energy up from your perineum to the point above your head. Saying «Hum», move your hand downwards drawing energy along the same channel from reality on the top.

The next three times say the sounds inwardly, make a breath when lifting the hand up and make an exhalation when moving it downwards. You should make four movements with every hand altogether.

The practice lets restore the balance of outer and inner energies and harmonize them, filling you with new powers at the end of the Moon month.

«Lotus» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Lotus is a cosmos rising up from the chaos. It’s a Flower of Light, the result of cooperation of creative powers of the Sun and the Moon powers of water. Being a universal basement of everything living, it blossoms up in the waters of endless opportunities. It embodies spiritual opening.

Go the way of lotus means to go all the sides of its petals and get into the very center to see one’s destination. Go towards the center starting with the outer opened petals of your talents which you are aware of well.

Semi-opened petals are your potential talents. You are suspecting of them. Maybe some other people have ever told you about them. However, you don’t use these talents all the time as if being afraid that they may disappear. Be more courageous.

Petals which are there above the very center of lotus are your endowments from the God. Some people are just afraid of admitting that they possess divine gifts from the skies. They seem this gift to be undeserved or too original. But everyone possesses it. Look attentively in the picture of lotus’ inner petals and it will open a mystery of your gifts to you.

The center of lotus is your true destination. It’s a God’s spark visible only if follow the lotus way. Aware of the true destination makes a person happy and undefeated by fate.

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