BAT – 9th Moon day – The day of temptations

BAT – 9th Moon day – The day of temptations

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I stay calm and confident and realize clearly what is real in my life and what is not. I stay calm!

This is a critical day, the day of temptations. We get into traps and get the ruling impulses of other people. In order to relax and get inner balance we can pray and talk to our guard angel or to perform a meditation. We can get over every temptation not to break either this Moon day or the Moon month or the whole life. All kinds of negative energies become active this day, all our old fears come back into mind, we feel some unclear warnings and dark forebodings attack us. Bat is a symbol of nightmares and unavoidable death.

This is the day of illusions, dusk, false promises and temptations. That’s why it’s very important today to keep the balance, to turn your fears into power and not to follow mirages. At the same time this day can enforce you if you ask for support to matrimonial kin, recall you grandmothers and grand grandmothers, your mother’s advice.

It’s important on this day to pay attentions to symbols you get.

You shouldn’t start new deals, show your emotions or follow illusions today.

«PURIFYING WHIRLWIND» Practice by Larisa Renar

Sometimes uncalled guests enter our private area, they are: rivals, negative phantoms, energetic dust. We are extremely vulnerable during the 9th Moon day.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Lift your straight hands up by sides and put them together above your head. Bent your elbows and put your palms down to the heart line so that the fingers «look up». Turn your palms so that your fingers look down and make a triangle of your palms at the solar plexus level. Then pull your hands straight, cross your wrists and put your palms together like an arrow. Now turn the purifying whirlpool clockwise. Turn around and clear up the area. Do this practice for three minutes.

This practice helps to clear up the area around you of negative energies, which is quite useful on this critical Moon day.

Bat Meditation by Larisa Renar

The bat is a symbol of unclearness living at night, dimness and illusions. Being the hybrid of a bird and a rat it symbolizes hypocrisy and duplicity and being a ruins habitant – melancholy. Often bat symbolizes subconscious fears, hidden phobias, it seems to deceive our consciousness, pretending to be a bird and hiding in the dark.

You are entering the cave of your fears and doubts, of everything that influences you and your choice and decisions. Semi-shadows are running along the walls of the cave and it’s hard to see the way. You are making accurate steps. But all of a sudden you make some sharp movement and a chaos begins. Everything you are afraid of moves around you in a terrible roundel. You see all the mistakes you’ve done or haven’t done. Strange figures of your illusions and deceives are coming closer to you.

You make an attempt over yourself, clear up your conscious of the chaos and can see clearly that all the terrible shadows are just a flock of bats. They flap their wings and rush between the walls of the café, frightened by your visit. And every bat that finds way to an exit is your overcome fear, your release of illusions, your new clear seeing that is coming instead of chaos and deceit. You are standing and looking at them until the last bat gets out of the cave. Now you are free. You can leave the cave of your nightmares.


„Purifying whirlwind” and Meditation „Bat“ by Larisa Renar:

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