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NET – 19th Moon day – a day for getting rid of everything alien

NET – 19th Moon day – a day for getting rid of everything alien

net, cobweb

I clear up my Universe of everything outdated, waste, ill and useless. I clear up myself!

It’s a day for getting rid of everything alien. We cut needless connections and don’t let nets of others’ opinions and influences make our way go to wrong direction.

Try not to get into other people’s nets and don’t catch anyone into yours. It’s a day of getting free of everything negative – offences, destroying thoughts, previous sexual relations. It’s useful to think over your thoughts and feelings in order not to mix your true wishes and false ones. If you suddenly recall smb who spoke to you in negative manner stop communicating with this person both physically and mentally.

Be careful with new acquaintances and think over others’ offers, ideas and advice. Such kind of influences can take you from your way to other people’s territory and enslave you. The Moon energetics on the 19th Moon day is appropriate to start moral cleaning up of your soul and thoughts. You can also clean up your house with sage smoke.

It’s important today to be watchful and get rid of everything useless.

One shouldn’t sign up papers, get married, lend deposits or incur debts, show pride, anger, envy or tell lies today.


by Larisa Renar

When we get into smb’s nets we get confused in others’ thoughts, needless relationships and old affairs. All these take away our energy and power preventing us from following our own way. Previous sexual relationships influence our life for seven years leading to the huge energy loss.

Stand still, legs close together. Put two fingers together: your thumb that symbolizes female sexuality and your pointing finger that symbolizes power – we get the ring of female power. Put it to the bottom of your stomach at the womb area. Put the ring of female power at 12 o’clock (as if the dial plate looks down), turn your head to the left (to your past) and on an exhalation imagine a man you ever spent a night with.

Then turn your head to your present (forwards) and start drawing the energy thread anticlockwise making spiral movements towards the center.

We make three circles and turn right (to our future), throwing this relationship away on an exhalation.

To change energies: Do the same exercise putting your thumb together with all the other fingers by turn. Little finger – financial support, ring finger – love affair, long finger – passion, pointing finger – power.

Do the exercise once at a time.

This practice helps to cut and get rid of all the needless energetic connections and become free.

NET Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Net (spider’s web) – web of life, destiny and time keeps us with its threads. Net or spider’s web symbolizes traps, ties, alien influences. Threads of a web can draw you somewhere or tie up and prevent from seeing the truth and achieving your aim.

All the time living every one of us is being tied up with nets of ties. We need some of them, others are just habitual, the third ones are useless but hard to cut off, the fourth ones are just being born – they are tender and easily torn. Imagine all the connections of your life like a spider’s web with you in the center. Feel every thread; check it for solidity, activeness and its need in your life.

Take all the threads that have fulfilled their purpose, all the threads that influence negatively your life, all the threads that prevent you from freedom and achieving your aims. And now resolutely cut them all off. Put all the energy taken by them for strengthening connections that give you creative energy and new possibilities.

MIRROR – 18th Moon day – a day of reflection

MIRROR – 18th Moon day – a day of reflection

I take myself as I am!

Mirror is a symbol of truthfulness, self-studying, sincerity and foretelling. Recall the saying: a mirror never lies. A person’s soul is often compared with clear or unclear mirror. It’s a day of reflecting one’s inner being. We see our traits in others and hear others talk about us and learn to take every their opinion as an information about ourselves.

It’s a day when people around us like mirrors show our inner being, both bad and good. If we see in others some qualities that irritate us, it means we don’t admit in possessing these qualities as well or don’t let ourselves show them. People don’t want offence us, they just show us who we really are. And pleasant words should be doubly appreciated for they are truthful.

Thank the world for its help to learn the truth about ourselves. It’s better to just watch the world without showing activity too much, avoid others’ influence and take impartially everything happening today. It’s extremely important to stay calm in every situation this day and to be objective both to yourself and the people around.

Don’t follow illusions, wild instincts or dark thoughts. The mirror is to show you everything you’ve worked out.

It’s important to end up your work started and not to take offence today.

One shouldn’t travel, do shopping or make dealing this day.

«The MIRROR of VENUS» Practice

by Larisa Renar

When our soul hurts, the mirror of Venus which is in the center of our chest is broken; we start looking at everything through the prism of pain and see the misrepresented image of the world and people. The uglier things we see the uglier we become and the more frightening the world becomes to us the more frightening our own reflection and people around are. And only when we recover our mirrors and look at the world through the prism of love we start noticing the perfection of every person and the world start admiring with our perfection.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Close your eyes, imagine a dark night and see the Moon behind your back. Lift up your right palm and let the Moon go down to it, feel the cold and the Moon filling in your palm. Put your palm to the center of your chest with your fingers down, make a breath and imagine that the Moon gets into your chest on an exhalation.

Feel the Moon mirror appearing in your chest. Draw the mirror around with your fingers and a handle in a form of a cross. The mirror looks like a symbol of Venus.When doing exercise with your left hand leave the mirror on your palm. Make the practice once at a time.

The practice helps to revive a broken heart, guard from any negative influence and get rid of all the negative emotions.

«Mirror» Meditation 

by Larisa Renar

The mirror can show us or the others. It shows us that part of the world where we turns it to. But we cannot change the picture of us or the others shown in it. A mirror doesn’t lie; it shows everything we would like to hide. But at the same time it can become a witness for your beauty and light look.

Don’t try to change what you see in it, take it as a truth said by a very close and reliable person. Look in the picture without emotions. What can you see? Look at your face as if it were a face of a strange woman – what can you say about her? Say it out loud.

Today we should tell the truth to ourselves and other people, and a mirror not only listens to your confession but prevents you from passing over in silence or telling lies, start self-tormenting or becoming lost in pride. It glitters with moonlight and wash over everything alien you used to think about yourself and the people around. And now look in the mirror at your picture once again! You’re beautiful!

TRUMPET – 14th Moon day – day of a call

TRUMPET – 14th Moon day – day of a call

trumpet, musical instrument, listen to the Universe

I listen to the Universe!

I listen to the Universe, I’m ready to see and to hear to every sign and to take my destiny!

It’s a day of a call. The symbol of this day is a trumpet which symbolizes an eternal call to smth more powerful and to realizing one’s way. We pay much attention to important questions and listen to the Universe. We see the signs as the answers and understand them. Be ready to follow the destiny’s call and possess all the knowledge and powers needed.

It’s a day when we get new knowledge and understand the world’s call. The recognition comes to us when we follow the call and get knowledge for realization our destiny. It’s important to hear what we are called to.

It’s highly recommended to start new enterprises today: you’ll have a success in them. You can start an extremely important for your fortune work or make a decision that will change your life. You can hear a call of help as well. Be ready, as all the calls are very important today, no matter whom it comes from – people, gods or predecessors.

If you suddenly feel depressed, sad or sorrow, do smth useful, for example cleaning up mess at home or just go in for sports.

Your true wishes are opened to you today and you get the information on how to make them come true.

It’s important to start new deals or go somewhere today.

One shouldn’t be sad or grieve this day.

«The Call» Practice

by Larisa Renar


The world answers questions we ask. The most important is not to forget to ask a question about your predestination and listen attentively to the world’s answer.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Lift your hands up through sides and put the tops of all fingers except thumbs of both hands together to make a «megaphone». Put the «megaphone» to mouth. Bend your knees just a little and make a call from the inside of you: «Auuuuuuuuuuum!!!»

Turn 90 degrees left. Bend your knees just a little and make a call from the inside of you: «Auuuuuuuuuuum!!!»

Turn 90 degrees left. Bend your knees just a little and make a call from the inside of you: «Auuuuuuuuuuum!!!»

Turn 90 degrees left. Bend your knees just a little and make a call from the inside of you: «Auuuuuuuuuuum!!!»

Lift your hands up through sides over your head, then put them together in front of your chest, getting the world’s answer.

Do the exercise once at a time.

The practice lets us open the Universe fountains of knowledge and get an answer from reality.

«Trumpet» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Trumpet is a call symbol, a call towards smth. The voice of trumpet always point out some important event, make you hear what is going to happen soon, means the coming of someone powerful and gives a call to start actions. «The trumpet calls». Anywhere we hear its voice it always attracts special attention.

You are standing in the middle of thick forest. There are thousands of ways running around and you don’t know which one to choose to get the aim needed. You’re confused and are afraid of losing the way. But suddenly you hear a clear voice of a trumpet and you turn the way where you hear it from. You follow the trumpet call and with every step you get more and more assured in your right way and in soon achieving your aim.

Now the sound appears, now disappears. When you need an item needed by your way it becomes louder, and when you get negative ideas it keeps silence. The way is becoming wider and changing into a road. There are people there coming towards you. The trumpet voice is pointing out those of them which you need on your way.

You listen attentively and now the trumpet is singing in your heart – it means that you’ve heard the voice of the forwarding highest powers and you are going the right way. Follow the fortune call.

„The call” Practice and „Trumpet“ Meditation by Larisa Renar:

PHALLUS – 10th Moon day – day of demiurgic power

PHALLUS – 10th Moon day – day of demiurgic power

PHALLUS, cucumber

I give my love to close people and give of myself to their well being! I give love!

This is the day of demiurgic power. Many different energies wake up in us activating all kinds of powers. Phallus is a symbol of demiurgic energy of the Universe which connects male and female. We come to beloved who loves us as well and open our heart to them. Today our family and friends are our main value.

It is a day of saving family traditions, beautification of our home, connecting good relationship with husband and children, the day of family harmony. Today one should bake cakes and call relatives for family dinner. Try your best not to quarrel with any of them. It’s good to start building of your new house. It will be solid and cozy because of the energy of your clan – the power of your predecessors and the energy of your descendants.

The main slogan of this day is to create in all meanings of the word and to be relaxed in a company of your close relatives.

Today it’s important to spend night with your husband to exchange the powers of two clans and get connected with him on cosmic level.

You shouldn’t be mercenary and perfunctory or be unfaithful to your husband this day; otherwise your relationship can be broken forever.

PHALLUS Practice by Larisa Renar

Male and female energies are joined in a family like in a «Phallus» – an ancient tantric symbol – and this union possesses an enormous demiurgic power which gives life to everything living.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. First, on a breath move your pelvis backwards. Then, on an exhalation push your pelvis forwards, tightening muscles of your vagina and anus as strongly as you can. Repeat these movements not less than eleven times. You can imagine as if a man gets into you on a breath and you capture his phallus on an exhalation.

This practice helps to accumulate sexual energy and to become closer with your husband even if he is far away at the moment.

PHALLUS Meditation by Larisa Renar

Phallus symbolizes creative powers of nature and people, the function and potency of the Creator, the life flow. Phallic symbols mean power, creation, reproduction and enforcement of mankind in all cultures.

Open to the creative flow of the Universe. Imagine yourself in an indissoluble chain of your clan and thank the world for its presents which are the experience of your predecessors, hopes of your descendants, support of your relatives. Phallus is a symbol of creative energy flow. In this flow you can enforce yourself and your relatives, give your love to them and strengthen relationships. Imagine your man and tell him the worlds of love, support and gratitude.

Imaging a part of the Universe energy in your hands, you can sculpt out everything that makes your relationship with the beloved man stronger and clearer of it. Create the shapes of your love and let them out to the world. Your energetic presents are to have magical effectiveness today.


Practice „Phallus” and Meditation „Phallus“ by Larisa Renar:

BAT – 9th Moon day – The day of temptations

BAT – 9th Moon day – The day of temptations

bat bird

I stay calm and confident and realize clearly what is real in my life and what is not. I stay calm!

This is a critical day, the day of temptations. We get into traps and get the ruling impulses of other people. In order to relax and get inner balance we can pray and talk to our guard angel or to perform a meditation. We can get over every temptation not to break either this Moon day or the Moon month or the whole life. All kinds of negative energies become active this day, all our old fears come back into mind, we feel some unclear warnings and dark forebodings attack us. Bat is a symbol of nightmares and unavoidable death.

This is the day of illusions, dusk, false promises and temptations. That’s why it’s very important today to keep the balance, to turn your fears into power and not to follow mirages. At the same time this day can enforce you if you ask for support to matrimonial kin, recall you grandmothers and grand grandmothers, your mother’s advice.

It’s important on this day to pay attentions to symbols you get.

You shouldn’t start new deals, show your emotions or follow illusions today.

«PURIFYING WHIRLWIND» Practice by Larisa Renar

Sometimes uncalled guests enter our private area, they are: rivals, negative phantoms, energetic dust. We are extremely vulnerable during the 9th Moon day.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Lift your straight hands up by sides and put them together above your head. Bent your elbows and put your palms down to the heart line so that the fingers «look up». Turn your palms so that your fingers look down and make a triangle of your palms at the solar plexus level. Then pull your hands straight, cross your wrists and put your palms together like an arrow. Now turn the purifying whirlpool clockwise. Turn around and clear up the area. Do this practice for three minutes.

This practice helps to clear up the area around you of negative energies, which is quite useful on this critical Moon day.

Bat Meditation by Larisa Renar

The bat is a symbol of unclearness living at night, dimness and illusions. Being the hybrid of a bird and a rat it symbolizes hypocrisy and duplicity and being a ruins habitant – melancholy. Often bat symbolizes subconscious fears, hidden phobias, it seems to deceive our consciousness, pretending to be a bird and hiding in the dark.

You are entering the cave of your fears and doubts, of everything that influences you and your choice and decisions. Semi-shadows are running along the walls of the cave and it’s hard to see the way. You are making accurate steps. But all of a sudden you make some sharp movement and a chaos begins. Everything you are afraid of moves around you in a terrible roundel. You see all the mistakes you’ve done or haven’t done. Strange figures of your illusions and deceives are coming closer to you.

You make an attempt over yourself, clear up your conscious of the chaos and can see clearly that all the terrible shadows are just a flock of bats. They flap their wings and rush between the walls of the café, frightened by your visit. And every bat that finds way to an exit is your overcome fear, your release of illusions, your new clear seeing that is coming instead of chaos and deceit. You are standing and looking at them until the last bat gets out of the cave. Now you are free. You can leave the cave of your nightmares.


„Purifying whirlwind” and Meditation „Bat“ by Larisa Renar:

PHOENIX – 8th Moon day – day of revival

PHOENIX – 8th Moon day – day of revival

Phoenix, fire bird

I clear myself up of all negative things and revive to new life! I clear myself up!

This is the day of revival which can be achieved by clearing up one’s soul and confession. Think your life over, recall your past, look at your present, imagine your future. Imagine that clarifying energy of fire goes through all the spheres of your life. You are burnt down and revive again like Phoenix in new quality. The purifying fire can be real or inner one, big or small.

Today we summarize everything we achieved during the first seven days of Moon month. We realize who we were, who we are and who we long to become. And we ask to pardon us, forgive others and collect our strength for changes coming. This is the day when confession is made easily and forgiveness of others and yourself is done without difficulties or efforts. Think over which wrong things you have done, confess your mistakes and weaknesses and forgive others and yourself for everything done wrong, both on purpose or by chance.

It’s important on this day to control your emotions and reactions. You shouldn’t give way to negative emotions, be dissolute or egoistic today.

“CLEAR UP with FIRE” Practice by Larisa Renar

Every one of us has periods in life when it’s necessary to give away everything destroying to get to new level. Fire possesses an ability to transform everything into new quality, changing and uplifting it.

Take a candle. Put a candle on the floor and sit down in front of it. Light up the candle and put your palms above the fire to feel it’s warmth. In our thoughts we ask the Fire element to help us clear up of all waste and unhealthy things. Close your eyes, make a breath and feel a fire ball to come into your right palm. It goes to the center of your chest and fire out everything that hurts you, takes your energy or disturbs you.

Make an exhalation and imagine the fire ball to leave you through your left foot, giving all the negative things to Earth. Make a breath and feel a fireball to come into your left palm, go to the center of your chest and leave you on an exhalation through your right foot. Thank the Fire element for its help. End the exercise. Do this practice for three minutes. The practice helps to clear up the energetic of your body and soul.

Meditation Phoenix by Larisa Renar

Phoenix is a universal symbol of revival and transforming in fire. Being the fire bird Phoenix symbolizes nobleness and uniqueness. Besides, it symbolizes humbleness as it eats only dew. Its coming is a positive sign which means the peace and beneficial ruling or foretells soon coming of a great sage.

You are a phoenix flying through life. You meet help and difficulties at your way, you are flying up on the warm flows of inspiration and rushing towards the Earth in cold flows of difficulties, you are drinking the dew of creation but take the impression of negative emotion, abuses and troubles with you. You are flying through life with all its great and minor deals, with hurrying and problems, great ideas and insignificant fears. Finally, it’s time when your wings are touching the sacral fire of revival. And you are accepting everything that is there inside of you, your experience and all the achievements with humility. And you are entering the transforming fire. You are getting renovated in it and becoming strong and proud, beautiful and tender bird in order to start the flight through life again.


„CLEAR UP with FIRE” and Meditation „Phoenix“ by Larisa Renar:

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