PHALLUS – 10th Moon day – day of demiurgic power

PHALLUS – 10th Moon day – day of demiurgic power

PHALLUS, cucumber

I give my love to close people and give of myself to their well being! I give love!

This is the day of demiurgic power. Many different energies wake up in us activating all kinds of powers. Phallus is a symbol of demiurgic energy of the Universe which connects male and female. We come to beloved who loves us as well and open our heart to them. Today our family and friends are our main value.

It is a day of saving family traditions, beautification of our home, connecting good relationship with husband and children, the day of family harmony. Today one should bake cakes and call relatives for family dinner. Try your best not to quarrel with any of them. It’s good to start building of your new house. It will be solid and cozy because of the energy of your clan – the power of your predecessors and the energy of your descendants.

The main slogan of this day is to create in all meanings of the word and to be relaxed in a company of your close relatives.

Today it’s important to spend night with your husband to exchange the powers of two clans and get connected with him on cosmic level.

You shouldn’t be mercenary and perfunctory or be unfaithful to your husband this day; otherwise your relationship can be broken forever.

PHALLUS Practice by Larisa Renar

Male and female energies are joined in a family like in a «Phallus» – an ancient tantric symbol – and this union possesses an enormous demiurgic power which gives life to everything living.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. First, on a breath move your pelvis backwards. Then, on an exhalation push your pelvis forwards, tightening muscles of your vagina and anus as strongly as you can. Repeat these movements not less than eleven times. You can imagine as if a man gets into you on a breath and you capture his phallus on an exhalation.

This practice helps to accumulate sexual energy and to become closer with your husband even if he is far away at the moment.

PHALLUS Meditation by Larisa Renar

Phallus symbolizes creative powers of nature and people, the function and potency of the Creator, the life flow. Phallic symbols mean power, creation, reproduction and enforcement of mankind in all cultures.

Open to the creative flow of the Universe. Imagine yourself in an indissoluble chain of your clan and thank the world for its presents which are the experience of your predecessors, hopes of your descendants, support of your relatives. Phallus is a symbol of creative energy flow. In this flow you can enforce yourself and your relatives, give your love to them and strengthen relationships. Imagine your man and tell him the worlds of love, support and gratitude.

Imaging a part of the Universe energy in your hands, you can sculpt out everything that makes your relationship with the beloved man stronger and clearer of it. Create the shapes of your love and let them out to the world. Your energetic presents are to have magical effectiveness today.


Practice „Phallus” and Meditation „Phallus“ by Larisa Renar:

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