NET – 19th Moon day – a day for getting rid of everything alien

NET – 19th Moon day – a day for getting rid of everything alien

net, cobweb

I clear up my Universe of everything outdated, waste, ill and useless. I clear up myself!

It’s a day for getting rid of everything alien. We cut needless connections and don’t let nets of others’ opinions and influences make our way go to wrong direction.

Try not to get into other people’s nets and don’t catch anyone into yours. It’s a day of getting free of everything negative – offences, destroying thoughts, previous sexual relations. It’s useful to think over your thoughts and feelings in order not to mix your true wishes and false ones. If you suddenly recall smb who spoke to you in negative manner stop communicating with this person both physically and mentally.

Be careful with new acquaintances and think over others’ offers, ideas and advice. Such kind of influences can take you from your way to other people’s territory and enslave you. The Moon energetics on the 19th Moon day is appropriate to start moral cleaning up of your soul and thoughts. You can also clean up your house with sage smoke.

It’s important today to be watchful and get rid of everything useless.

One shouldn’t sign up papers, get married, lend deposits or incur debts, show pride, anger, envy or tell lies today.


by Larisa Renar

When we get into smb’s nets we get confused in others’ thoughts, needless relationships and old affairs. All these take away our energy and power preventing us from following our own way. Previous sexual relationships influence our life for seven years leading to the huge energy loss.

Stand still, legs close together. Put two fingers together: your thumb that symbolizes female sexuality and your pointing finger that symbolizes power – we get the ring of female power. Put it to the bottom of your stomach at the womb area. Put the ring of female power at 12 o’clock (as if the dial plate looks down), turn your head to the left (to your past) and on an exhalation imagine a man you ever spent a night with.

Then turn your head to your present (forwards) and start drawing the energy thread anticlockwise making spiral movements towards the center.

We make three circles and turn right (to our future), throwing this relationship away on an exhalation.

To change energies: Do the same exercise putting your thumb together with all the other fingers by turn. Little finger – financial support, ring finger – love affair, long finger – passion, pointing finger – power.

Do the exercise once at a time.

This practice helps to cut and get rid of all the needless energetic connections and become free.

NET Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Net (spider’s web) – web of life, destiny and time keeps us with its threads. Net or spider’s web symbolizes traps, ties, alien influences. Threads of a web can draw you somewhere or tie up and prevent from seeing the truth and achieving your aim.

All the time living every one of us is being tied up with nets of ties. We need some of them, others are just habitual, the third ones are useless but hard to cut off, the fourth ones are just being born – they are tender and easily torn. Imagine all the connections of your life like a spider’s web with you in the center. Feel every thread; check it for solidity, activeness and its need in your life.

Take all the threads that have fulfilled their purpose, all the threads that influence negatively your life, all the threads that prevent you from freedom and achieving your aims. And now resolutely cut them all off. Put all the energy taken by them for strengthening connections that give you creative energy and new possibilities.

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