PHOENIX – 8th Moon day – day of revival

PHOENIX – 8th Moon day – day of revival

Phoenix, fire bird

I clear myself up of all negative things and revive to new life! I clear myself up!

This is the day of revival which can be achieved by clearing up one’s soul and confession. Think your life over, recall your past, look at your present, imagine your future. Imagine that clarifying energy of fire goes through all the spheres of your life. You are burnt down and revive again like Phoenix in new quality. The purifying fire can be real or inner one, big or small.

Today we summarize everything we achieved during the first seven days of Moon month. We realize who we were, who we are and who we long to become. And we ask to pardon us, forgive others and collect our strength for changes coming. This is the day when confession is made easily and forgiveness of others and yourself is done without difficulties or efforts. Think over which wrong things you have done, confess your mistakes and weaknesses and forgive others and yourself for everything done wrong, both on purpose or by chance.

It’s important on this day to control your emotions and reactions. You shouldn’t give way to negative emotions, be dissolute or egoistic today.

“CLEAR UP with FIRE” Practice by Larisa Renar

Every one of us has periods in life when it’s necessary to give away everything destroying to get to new level. Fire possesses an ability to transform everything into new quality, changing and uplifting it.

Take a candle. Put a candle on the floor and sit down in front of it. Light up the candle and put your palms above the fire to feel it’s warmth. In our thoughts we ask the Fire element to help us clear up of all waste and unhealthy things. Close your eyes, make a breath and feel a fire ball to come into your right palm. It goes to the center of your chest and fire out everything that hurts you, takes your energy or disturbs you.

Make an exhalation and imagine the fire ball to leave you through your left foot, giving all the negative things to Earth. Make a breath and feel a fireball to come into your left palm, go to the center of your chest and leave you on an exhalation through your right foot. Thank the Fire element for its help. End the exercise. Do this practice for three minutes. The practice helps to clear up the energetic of your body and soul.

Meditation Phoenix by Larisa Renar

Phoenix is a universal symbol of revival and transforming in fire. Being the fire bird Phoenix symbolizes nobleness and uniqueness. Besides, it symbolizes humbleness as it eats only dew. Its coming is a positive sign which means the peace and beneficial ruling or foretells soon coming of a great sage.

You are a phoenix flying through life. You meet help and difficulties at your way, you are flying up on the warm flows of inspiration and rushing towards the Earth in cold flows of difficulties, you are drinking the dew of creation but take the impression of negative emotion, abuses and troubles with you. You are flying through life with all its great and minor deals, with hurrying and problems, great ideas and insignificant fears. Finally, it’s time when your wings are touching the sacral fire of revival. And you are accepting everything that is there inside of you, your experience and all the achievements with humility. And you are entering the transforming fire. You are getting renovated in it and becoming strong and proud, beautiful and tender bird in order to start the flight through life again.


„CLEAR UP with FIRE” and Meditation „Phoenix“ by Larisa Renar:

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