MIRROR – 18th Moon day – a day of reflection

MIRROR – 18th Moon day – a day of reflection

I take myself as I am!

Mirror is a symbol of truthfulness, self-studying, sincerity and foretelling. Recall the saying: a mirror never lies. A person’s soul is often compared with clear or unclear mirror. It’s a day of reflecting one’s inner being. We see our traits in others and hear others talk about us and learn to take every their opinion as an information about ourselves.

It’s a day when people around us like mirrors show our inner being, both bad and good. If we see in others some qualities that irritate us, it means we don’t admit in possessing these qualities as well or don’t let ourselves show them. People don’t want offence us, they just show us who we really are. And pleasant words should be doubly appreciated for they are truthful.

Thank the world for its help to learn the truth about ourselves. It’s better to just watch the world without showing activity too much, avoid others’ influence and take impartially everything happening today. It’s extremely important to stay calm in every situation this day and to be objective both to yourself and the people around.

Don’t follow illusions, wild instincts or dark thoughts. The mirror is to show you everything you’ve worked out.

It’s important to end up your work started and not to take offence today.

One shouldn’t travel, do shopping or make dealing this day.

«The MIRROR of VENUS» Practice

by Larisa Renar

When our soul hurts, the mirror of Venus which is in the center of our chest is broken; we start looking at everything through the prism of pain and see the misrepresented image of the world and people. The uglier things we see the uglier we become and the more frightening the world becomes to us the more frightening our own reflection and people around are. And only when we recover our mirrors and look at the world through the prism of love we start noticing the perfection of every person and the world start admiring with our perfection.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Close your eyes, imagine a dark night and see the Moon behind your back. Lift up your right palm and let the Moon go down to it, feel the cold and the Moon filling in your palm. Put your palm to the center of your chest with your fingers down, make a breath and imagine that the Moon gets into your chest on an exhalation.

Feel the Moon mirror appearing in your chest. Draw the mirror around with your fingers and a handle in a form of a cross. The mirror looks like a symbol of Venus.When doing exercise with your left hand leave the mirror on your palm. Make the practice once at a time.

The practice helps to revive a broken heart, guard from any negative influence and get rid of all the negative emotions.

«Mirror» Meditation 

by Larisa Renar

The mirror can show us or the others. It shows us that part of the world where we turns it to. But we cannot change the picture of us or the others shown in it. A mirror doesn’t lie; it shows everything we would like to hide. But at the same time it can become a witness for your beauty and light look.

Don’t try to change what you see in it, take it as a truth said by a very close and reliable person. Look in the picture without emotions. What can you see? Look at your face as if it were a face of a strange woman – what can you say about her? Say it out loud.

Today we should tell the truth to ourselves and other people, and a mirror not only listens to your confession but prevents you from passing over in silence or telling lies, start self-tormenting or becoming lost in pride. It glitters with moonlight and wash over everything alien you used to think about yourself and the people around. And now look in the mirror at your picture once again! You’re beautiful!

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