TRUMPET – 14th Moon day – day of a call

TRUMPET – 14th Moon day – day of a call

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I listen to the Universe!

I listen to the Universe, I’m ready to see and to hear to every sign and to take my destiny!

It’s a day of a call. The symbol of this day is a trumpet which symbolizes an eternal call to smth more powerful and to realizing one’s way. We pay much attention to important questions and listen to the Universe. We see the signs as the answers and understand them. Be ready to follow the destiny’s call and possess all the knowledge and powers needed.

It’s a day when we get new knowledge and understand the world’s call. The recognition comes to us when we follow the call and get knowledge for realization our destiny. It’s important to hear what we are called to.

It’s highly recommended to start new enterprises today: you’ll have a success in them. You can start an extremely important for your fortune work or make a decision that will change your life. You can hear a call of help as well. Be ready, as all the calls are very important today, no matter whom it comes from – people, gods or predecessors.

If you suddenly feel depressed, sad or sorrow, do smth useful, for example cleaning up mess at home or just go in for sports.

Your true wishes are opened to you today and you get the information on how to make them come true.

It’s important to start new deals or go somewhere today.

One shouldn’t be sad or grieve this day.

«The Call» Practice

by Larisa Renar


The world answers questions we ask. The most important is not to forget to ask a question about your predestination and listen attentively to the world’s answer.

Stand still, feet on width of shoulders, hands down. Lift your hands up through sides and put the tops of all fingers except thumbs of both hands together to make a «megaphone». Put the «megaphone» to mouth. Bend your knees just a little and make a call from the inside of you: «Auuuuuuuuuuum!!!»

Turn 90 degrees left. Bend your knees just a little and make a call from the inside of you: «Auuuuuuuuuuum!!!»

Turn 90 degrees left. Bend your knees just a little and make a call from the inside of you: «Auuuuuuuuuuum!!!»

Turn 90 degrees left. Bend your knees just a little and make a call from the inside of you: «Auuuuuuuuuuum!!!»

Lift your hands up through sides over your head, then put them together in front of your chest, getting the world’s answer.

Do the exercise once at a time.

The practice lets us open the Universe fountains of knowledge and get an answer from reality.

«Trumpet» Meditation

by Larisa Renar

Trumpet is a call symbol, a call towards smth. The voice of trumpet always point out some important event, make you hear what is going to happen soon, means the coming of someone powerful and gives a call to start actions. «The trumpet calls». Anywhere we hear its voice it always attracts special attention.

You are standing in the middle of thick forest. There are thousands of ways running around and you don’t know which one to choose to get the aim needed. You’re confused and are afraid of losing the way. But suddenly you hear a clear voice of a trumpet and you turn the way where you hear it from. You follow the trumpet call and with every step you get more and more assured in your right way and in soon achieving your aim.

Now the sound appears, now disappears. When you need an item needed by your way it becomes louder, and when you get negative ideas it keeps silence. The way is becoming wider and changing into a road. There are people there coming towards you. The trumpet voice is pointing out those of them which you need on your way.

You listen attentively and now the trumpet is singing in your heart – it means that you’ve heard the voice of the forwarding highest powers and you are going the right way. Follow the fortune call.

„The call” Practice and „Trumpet“ Meditation by Larisa Renar:

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